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LeaseBusters.com: Toronto’s Car Lease Leader

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Www.leaseBusters.com is the official website of Lease Busters Inc (Leasebusters), which is the true originator and pioneer of the vehicle Lease-Take-Over business model. It is the first and most trusted lease takeover leader of Canada. It is located in Canada. It was launched on 8 January 1998. It is available in two languages but its primary language of Leasebusters.com is English. 93.1% visitors of Leasebusters.com are from Canada.

LeaseBusters.com: Toronto's Car Lease Leader

A concept that exposed lease-take-over to the vehicle leasing marketplace of Ontario was taken out by the founders of the organization in 1990. A lease-take-over vehicle became a viable alternative to the leasing customer (buyer) and at the same time, ‘liberated’ the original customer from their vehicle and contractual obligations by exposing existing vehicle leases to the marketplace. Then, original customer was able to buy or lease another vehicle, which was just the beginning of the “win-win” Lease-busters formula.

The original lender gets to be free for the car, and the new loan holder gets a car loan at a competitive rate with the lease takeover. The most efficient way to get started is to surf the Web and research sites that match up those trying to get of a car lease to others who prefer to get out of car leases with the proliferation of the Internet. With lease busters, customers can speak to local dealerships, as any car manufacturers have established partnerships. People get help from lease busting when they stuck in leases and they can not get out of. Lease busting also helps people, who may have bad credit and can not get a car loan.

When you visit www.leaseBusters.com, you will see the navigation such as “Vehicle search”, “Lease-Take-Over Info”, “Hot-Buyers List”, “Value add services”, “More Info”, “Online-Dealers”, and “My Leasebusters.com”. In Vehicle search navigation, you can get information about lease-take-over, used cars, dealer demo, new car, lease-take-over weekly specials, used car weekly specials and video listings. You can also search for old and new cars. In “Lease-Take-Over Info” navigation, you can get information related to get out of your lease, how lease-take-over does works etc.

Value added services:

  • Shipping and Transportation
  • Credit Applications
  • Suggestion Box
  • Finance-your-take-over
  • Video Listings
  • Find a dealer
  • Ask Zack Spencer
  • Zack Spencer Replies

Dealer program provides the following benefits:

  • Expanded inventory, expanded selection: keep in mind these deals offered by the new-car dealerships are still private lease-take-over being represented by the dealership.
  • Several of the dealers that work with it are dealerships located in new-car manufacturing towns and the client base of these dealerships are predominantly factory employees whose leases are originally based on dealer cost/invoice prices. As a result the lease prices are typically very aggressive and competitive.
  • Although many of the listings indicate the client has to pay the transfer fee or some type of cash down; it does not mean you have to capitulate. If you like the deal but do not like the ‘down’ – make them an offer.

Benefits for buyers:

  • Save the vehicles of their favourite File
  • Activate and Edit Hot-Buyers-List vehicle selection(s)
  • Review the search Results found by the Hot-Buyers-List
  • Download the Lease-Take-Over Buyers Check List
  • Use its safe and secure Leasebusters email system to communicate with Sellers
  • Receive Messages from Leasebusters

Benefits for sellers:

  • Access to Edit and modify listing of the vehicle(s) that is for sale
  • Access to the Buyer Matches from the Hot-Buyers-List
  • Add another vehicle to sell

Login at www.leaseBusters.com:

Screenshot of login page of www.leaseBusters.com

Existing customers can login by entering their Email Address and Password, then clicking on “login” option. If they have forgotten their password then click on “forget your password” option and follow the instructions.

Register to get out of lease

Visit www.leaseBusters.com, click on the “Get a Free Evaluation of Your Lease” link on the home page. Enter all the details required including your lease package. Submitted informations will be sent to their Lease-Take-Over Specialists.

LTO Specialist will  evaluate and make report about market value, and benefits and drawback of your current lease. LTO Specialist will call you and discuss about what to do with your lease. But Decision is yours.

How to find a dealer?

To find a dealer, enter your Postal Code and use the drop down menu to select the (Make) of dealership that you would like us to locate then press Submit button.

Leasebusters only charges a listing fee after the no-charge evaluation has been performed and the lease/vehicle has “passed” the market position evaluation. The listing fee is $295.00 plus GST. Leasebusters offers multi vehicle discounts, loyalty discounts and finance company partnership discounts for eligible customers.

LeaseBusters INC.
Telephone- 905-629-2270 toll-free 1-888-357-2678
Email: info@leasebusters.com
Mailing address-1230 Crestlawn Dr, Mississauga, Ontario, L4W-1A6

Source: www.leasebusters.com

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