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Car2Go.com – Daimler’s Smart Car Sharing Program

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A new car sharing service known as car2go has been just launched by Daimler, maker of the Smart fortwo. Know more information about Daimler’s Smart Car Sharing Program here. Car2go is a subsidiary of Germany based Daimler AG.

Car2Go.com - Daimler's Smart Car Sharing ProgramCar

More than 400 Smart Fortwo microcars are available in car2go’s fleet, mostly diesel in Germany and a gasoline in the U.S.

Car2go is not station based unlike traditional carsharing programs. In the downtown area, an extensive fleet is located that can be hired on-demand or booked in advance. The vehicle may be used for as long as they like, without committing to a specific return time or location. The rental depends on the driver and based on minutes used and includes fuel, insurance, parking and maintenance in any available public parking space within the business area or at one of the specially marked car2go spaces. No Need to pay security deposit, monthly fee, or reservation charges for this service.

Started in May 2010, Daimler’s car sharing program – car2go has reached 10,000 registered members in its first North American city Austin, Texas. Over 80,000 rentals have been completed throughout the greater downtown Austin area with average usage between 30 and 60 minutes per rental since the start of the car2go operations, according to Daimler.

Car2Go.com – Daimler’s Smart Car Sharing Program:

Users have to sign up on the car2go Web site to start as of yet unpublished, or meet with a representative. One time in the system, an electronic tag is applied to the user’s driver’s license. Users are able to reserve a vehicle online or hire a car on the spot anywhere they find an unreserved vehicle by touching their tagged driver’s license to a sensor on the vehicle.

Access to the car2go Smart cars via tag and what they assume is RFID. Once in the vehicle, to gain access to the keys, the driver enters a PIN to gain access that stored in the glove compartment, and drives off.


This website includes main sections, like the mobility concept, operating area, becoming a member, rates, corporate customers, get in & drive off, MY CAR2GO, help and questions, press, the idea, environment, fleet, rules and office.

If you want to login in on the website, then you will need to do is click on ‘join now’ button located on the upper right hand corner of this page. Once registered and approved as a car2go member, you will receive a member card within few days by which you can unlock and drive car2go.

On this site, you can know about detailed pricing information. They also provide the service of reservation, reserve a car2go online or by contacting the car2go customer call center up to 24 hours in advance.

Every Car2go has a special card reader installed on its windshield. You can see a light signal on the device displays whether the vehicle is currently available or reserved. Green color identifies about the availability.

A parkspot is marked as a car2go parking space in heavily trafficked and congested areas of Austin that is parking space identified. To unlock the car2go, you will be sent the car2go member card when you register with it. Hold up your member card to the reader on the windshield. The reader will indicate the doors are unlocked so that you can quickly get in.

If you have any query regarding this, then you can mail at austin@car2go.com.

Source: http://www.car2go.com

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  1. Amy Lewis says:

    My first rental with car2go was a disaster. I found a car on their car finder near 290 and Ben White and went to pick up the car. When I reached the location, I found the car…behind a gated fence. I called customer service who told me the car was not supposed to be behind the fence. They directed me as best they could (the rep was in the Netherlands where it was 3am) to the next closest car. I found it and tried to pick that one up. My brand new card had no effect when I placed it next to the reader. Nada. Called customer service again. The CSR told me that my new card must not be working and I would have to go to the office to get it replaced. It is now after 9pm in east Austin and luckily, the friend who was dropping me off at the car had waited after my first trouble, or I would have been stranded there. I didn’t believe the CSR that it was the fault of my card since there were no lights on the card reader lighting up…seemed like the card reader was broken to me. So my friend drove me to the next closest car…which was not exactly close…over 5 miles away…wouldn’t have been a pleasant walk had I had to do so. So this one finally worked and I got a car for the time I needed it that night. So the next night, I decided to try again. Picked up a car in the parking lot of a CVS on South Congress and Oltorf. Drove downtown for the evening and at the end of the night, put the car back EXACTLY where I had found it several hours earlier in the same spot. A few days days later I get a call from car2go saying I had left the car in an unauthorized spot and to be sure to leave it in street parking only next time. I told them I had simply put it back where I found it but I would be more careful next time…they told me it would be a warning and there would be no charge. It is now over a week later and I received an e-mail this morning that they are charging me $440 for the car being towed from that lot. ??? I put the car back where I found it…that was the lesson my momma taught me. After going through a lot of hassle with my credit card company which ultimately led me having to report my credit card as stolen and cancel it in order to avoid further charges, I have canceled my membership with car2go and will not be using them again. I think this whole concept is a great idea, but it seems that they are not really training people on their rules as they should be and then holding the member accountable for their lack of training/information. Obviously, I am not the only one having these issues as the cars I attempted to use and did use were also parked in locations where they were not allowed. If they can ever get it together this might be a great service, but being charged $440 for an hour and a half of using a car is beyond highway robbery. User BEWARE!

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