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About Us

Our Concept

Web2Visit.com is Editors and Users driven Website Review platform. There are many websites available on internet providing products, service and information. First time Users don’t know how will be the experience on those sites. Here on web2visit.com, Users can read previous experience of other users and share their own opinions too.

In Simple Word “Review before Use” is our mantra. Our goal is to make the internet a better place for users. You can check the reviews of friends, other site members or guests as well as research website user experience before visiting the actual site. You can judge the quality of website from public opinions.

What we do?

Here, On Web2Visit.com, We review and write about popular as well as upcoming websites around the net. Our editors write about services or products offered by website. Users evaluate and write their own reviews. Users can rate website in various terms like, appearance, speed, reliability and customer supports. Thumbs up or down decides overall rating of website.  We have covered most of general categories like shopping, travel, food, technology, entertainment, business and government.

How we are Different?

Web2visit.com is not any automatic website that generates lots of pages with non-sense automatic information. We write only about website not about “who is” Information. We choose website for review on many parameters.  This is not search-engine marketing or auto information website. We don’t write in any strict format. Each website is different and no one can fit all in any single format.

Suggest your website.

We are going to place suggestion form soon on our website. But to protect spamming, we can only include your site if we found it as useful to our users.